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Stylish and Comfortable TShirts

Lisa's Creations 4u, T-Shirts, were created with you in mind. They are comfortable, of excellent quality and affordable. They also come in a variety of colors, that you may choose from. We invite you to shop and let our expressions encourage and inspire you! 

Live Well

Let LOVE lead is my signature T-Shirt, which challenges each of us to let GOD, who is LOVE, lead our lives. In doing so, we will live our best life! A life where we have a close walk with him and understand that God works through US to care for ourselves and for those around us. We are challenged to minister, serve and LOVE, on purpose!

Eat Healthy

My shirt is nice and a good fit! Thank you


I got my shirt and mask. Can't wait to wear them. 


Look at me (sent a text photo of her wearing the shirt) Thank you.


Got it and I love it...Thanks hun for everything!


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